Data Cabling

As well as installing CCTV, access control and other security systems, we also create the infrastructure needed to support them. We can handle highly complex structured cabling installations so you only need to work with one supplier to get your security solution up and running.


The team at GT Data Solutions are experts in fibre optic and data cabling and will offer realistic advice and specialist support. Our extensive knowledge of networks and how they work allows us to plan, design, install and commission the ideal solution for your business.

How we work

We will work with you to deliver a robust system which ensures all the data demands of your organisation are met and allows for future expansion. Don’t make the mistake of using a company which will simply install the cabling without fully understanding how to ensure you are getting the network your organisation need.

As well as designing and installing new networks, we are experienced in data centre installations, fusion fibre optic splicing and upgrading existing cabling. Fibre optic cables offer numerous benefits including faster network speeds, almost unlimited bandwidth and the ability to connect remote buildings separated by large distances. It also is not affected by electromagnetic interference and can safely run alongside electric cabling.

Our planning

We will carefully plan the installation to ensure it causes the least possible disruption to your business. Grades and performance:
OS1 single mode fibre, public network or long distance.
OM1 62.5 /125 1000mbps up to 280m
OM2 50/125 1000mbps up to 550m
OM3 50/125 1000mbps up to 800m
OM3 50/125 10,000mbps (10gig) up to 300m